The Best Of Guangsha

1,Zhejiang guangsha construction enterprise group, the first construction group in zhejiang province, was founded in 1992.

2'The first share of Chinese construction, zhejiang guangsha (600052), was listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in 1997.

3,In the same industry, guangsha is the first to gain the right to foreign economic right -- after all the provinces in the country are covered, the building will be penetrated to more than ten countries and regions

4, built in the percent of pass is 100% of the construction project quality records - more than 30 years to pick "luban prize" for China state construction engineering quality highest award item 31, 500 at or above the provincial level projects with high quality.

5, outside the first won several first project - the united Arab emirates dubai racecourse parking lot project, is so far, China's private companies outside the first general contracting, the single target and size first, the first project completion time.

6, single tree "metal pattern" - China's real estate development in real estate development take the lead in "the urbanization construction enterprises to participate in" the idea, take the market means to take an active part in urban infrastructure construction and the commodity housing development, on behalf of as the "capital construction of days".

7, first enter the oil transfer storage and transportation project of China corporation - metal Huang Zeshan oil transit storage and transportation project is China's first private enterprises into the crude oil (fuel oil) transfer storage and transportation projects, and the state council for approval after the zhoushan islands new district is established, the first batch of zhejiang province approved by the state key construction projects

The first Chinese company to successfully introduce and host the international first-class racing competition, chengdu dubai international cup, has been held three times.

9, have several first zhejiang vocational colleges -- its metal construction of zhejiang vocational and technical college graduates employment rate and rate of the school won the consecutive years ranked first in higher vocational colleges, zhejiang library was named zhejiang top ten most beautiful libraries, teachers and students to participate in the national various competition awards 356.

The report, released in Beijing in 2006, is the first corporate citizen report of the first private construction enterprise in China.

11, metal first migrant schools - built in first suggested setting up rural migrant workers in the construction site of the national school of initiative, and migrant school will open in the great river north and south, made from pure manual workers, migrant workers into knowledge and skills of a generation of industrial workers.

12 editor, built the first for the standardization of the education teaching material of migrant workers - by poor holding group chairman of the board LouMing editor awareness into the lives of thousands of "building", was the only normative teaching material for the education of migrant workers in China.

The first award of China charity award for the first year of the Chinese charity is the first Chinese charity award.

14 century, China's first taps - built with 208 million yuan in 2000 to west lake in hangzhou overseas Chinese hotel, become the largest auction of state-owned assets in monomer bid by China that year.

15, cultivate large enterprise in zhejiang province - metal group is by the ministry of the people's government of zhejiang province 26 one of large enterprises, also is the industrial and commercial bureau of zhejiang province, zhejiang federation of recognition of the development of private enterprises in zhejiang province "transformation and upgrading of leading demonstration enterprise".

He was the first in the country to get the first place in the national TV series, including "the secret of the wife" by guangsha media group.

17, zhejiang day capital hotel a five-star hotel star rating record, China - built by zhejiang day capital created national five-star hotel evaluation of star in the history of the opening ceremony, the evaluation of a listing on the star, the annual record only.

18, the prime minister first Spring Festival gala on migrant workers chorus - build a construction of chongqing migrant workers chorus, is the first recommended by national leaders (wen) on the CCTV Spring Festival gala in 2008 migrant workers chorus, show as follows: "song of migrant workers".


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